Roommate Survey!

Hi everyone! I figured I would post the roommate survey, even though I have found my roommates, as a fun “getting to know you” type activity. Enjoy!

Name: Marissa

Gender: Female

Orientation: Straight

Birthday/Age: September 29, 24 years old

Hometown: Mundelein, IL

School: College of Lake County

Major: Hospitality Management

Role: Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique Hostess

Arrival Date: January 20th

Departure Date: August 8th

Flying or Driving: Driving

Housing Preference: Patterson, Commons as a second choice

How many roommates: 3, 4 girls including myself

What I want in a roommate: Clean, no drama, laid back, up for adventures and trying new things, respectful

Allergies: Mold, Pollen, animal dander, sulfa, omnicef (no food allergies though!)

Messy or Organized: Honestly my room when I’m living alone can get a little messy (just some clothes on the bed or floor, that kinda thing) but if I’m sharing space with somebody I am very respectful and know how to be tidy and organized

Do you like to cook: Yes! I love to cook and bake, not just for myself but for other people too. So open invite, come on over for dinner sometime!

Night or Morning person: Naturally more of a night person, but I don’t really have a problem getting up if I have to (especially for something Disney related)

Favorite Chore: Does anybody really have one? I don’t really mind doing dishes.

Least Favorite Chore: Scrubbing the bathtub or cleaning hair out of drains; it grosses me out

How do you feel about sharing; Sharing is caring! But just ask first please.

Do you snore: Not unless I’m REALLY exhausted, and I haven’t had complaints or anything.

Do you prefer your room hot or cold: A little on the cooler side; I can’t sleep if it’s too hot

Do you party: Kinda. I’m not a huge partier but I do enjoy a night out from time to time.

Smoke/Drink: Smoke no, Drink sometimes since I am of age.

What do you do on your free days: There’s so much to do in Orlando! The Disney parks, Universal, shopping, the beaches, sporting events…I plan to be pretty on the go in my free time.

Would you rather go out or stay in: A mix of both. A night out is fun, but I also appreciate a good girls night in watching movies and catching up.

Do you like to be around people or by yourself: Generally I like to be around people. Every once in a while I need my alone time, I think everyone does.

Will you have people over a lot: Honestly probably not just because I don’t want to clean up the mess, so I’d rather go to somebody else’s house. If others want to have people over though that’s fine with me as long as everybody is respectful.

Quiet or Outgoing: Definitely outgoing

3 words to describe you: outgoing, loyal, talkative

Best Quality: I’m a really loyal friend and I’ll always be there if you need me.

Worst Quality: I’m SO impatient if I’m waiting to do something fun.

Favorite Music: Honestly a little bit of everything…mostly rap/hip hop and top 40 type stuff, and I’m not too big on country

Favorite Movie: Way too many to list! I’m a huge movie buff. I think the only movie I’ve ever hated is IT because clowns are terrifying.

Favorite TV Shows: Pretty Little Liars, Once Upon a Time, Once Upon A Time Wonderland, SVU, American Horror Story, Dracula, Dance Moms, Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition

Favorite Book; Harry Potter series

Favorite Disney movie: Peter Pan

Favorite Disney Channel Show: None that are on now, but back in the day Darkwing Duck, DuckTales, Rescue Rangers, Lizzie McGuire

Favorite Disney Character: STITCH!

Favorite Princess: Ariel

Favorite Prince: Aladdin

Favorite Park: It changes from MK, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom

Favorite MK Ride: Peter Pan

Favorite Hollywood Studios Ride: Tower of Terror

Favorite Epcot Ride: Test Track

Favorite Animal Kingdom Ride: Expedition Everest

How many times to WDW/Disneyland: WDW – 25+, Disneyland – 10+


Phone Interview Tips


When I left off I had just finished covering the WBI section of the application process. If that goes well, when you receive your invitation for the phone interview; you must then schedule your interview at an available time that suits your schedule. This is done through the invitations/events section of your dashboard.

Lots of people get extremely nervous about the phone interview; I know I do and I’ve been through it three times already! The interviewers are all very nice and do their best to put you at ease, often sharing a few laughs with you. They expect you to be nervous but when you’re talking remember to smile! I know this sounds cheesy, but people truly can hear it in your voice when you’re smiling. And Disney wants happy, enthusiastic, energetic CMs.

My previous two interviews lasted about 20-25 minutes, which seems to be the standard length of time. My interview this time however lasted 45 minutes, which seemed unusual. I don’t think there’s a certain time indicator that means that you’ll get in or you won’t: I had a 45 minute interview and got accepted, but I have also known people that have had 10 minute interviews and have been accepted. I would block off a good hour for your interview starting 15 minutes BEFORE the scheduled time. They may call you early, as was the case with my previous 2 interviews. They may also call you late, like my interview this time which began 20 minutes after the scheduled time. Make sure you are isolated in a quiet area; you want to be able to concentrate and you also don’t want any background noise so that your interviewer can hear you clearly on the other end. If you are using a cell phone make sure you are in an area with reliable, strong signal. Also remember that the interview time that you receive in your confirmation e-mail is based on Eastern Time, so make sure you adjust accordingly for your time zone.

I know several people who prepare notes beforehand based on lists of possible questions that may be asked (a simple google search will come up with several potential questions.) I personally do not do this, as the questions I have been asked have been mostly different each interview, but if this type of preparation would help you feel more confident then by all means go for it! One word of advice if you do go that route: don’t write out paragraphs and read them off; you will sound too rehearsed. Instead make bullet points to mention. Two questions that you will almost certainly be asked are: “Why do you want to work for Disney?/Why this program versus others?” And also a question about which are your top 2-3 role choices. So at a minimum be sure that you have a well-thought out response to those questions. Also, write down your interviewers name at the beginning of your interview, and use it to thank him or her at the end. Disney is a first-name basis company, and a little touch like this will be impressive.

After my interviewer called she asked me to verify my basic information on my application and my preferences for location and season. She also asked me if I would be receptive to the (fairly low) pay range and if I could meet the Disney Look standards (which I’ll discuss in a future post.) She started off asking the “why do I want this internship” question then briefly touched on my previous experience with the company. Then she asked me some general questions about my work experience. These included: “how have I dealt with a difficult guest?”, “how do I keep calm with an emergency situation?”, “how do I deal with having a lot to do in one day?”, “how do I deal with repetitive tasks?”, “do I work best alone or in a team?”, “do I have experience handling currency”, and another infamous DCP question, “what would I do if I had a guest in front of me needing assistance, I was in the middle of a task, and the phone started ringing?” We then moved in to the Florida section (I applied for both locations with Florida as my top choice.) She asked me for my top 2 roles which was hard for me because I had a high interest in several roles: Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, Concierge, Hospitality, Full Service Food and Beverage, and Character Attendant. After a little conversation I narrowed it down to BBB as #1 and Concierge as #2. So she asked me some role specific questions about each. For BBB she asked me if I had any hair/make-up and child care experience. She also asked me how I would calm an upset child who didn’t want her hair done. For Concierge she asked me if I had ever dealt with VIP guests, if I was comfortable using new computer systems and technology and if I would be okay working the club level which included stocking the buffet, communicating with the chef, cleaning up after guests, and cleaning common areas like the bathrooms. Next we discussed my California role interests. This part was quite brief since Florida was my top choice and the location with the most availability anyway. My top roles there were Disney Desk and Hospitality, or Attractions. The hospitality related questions we had basically already discussed and for attractions she asked me what I would do if a child really wanted to ride space mountain but was too short.

At the end of the interview she asked me if I had any questions for her. I had several. It is always a good idea to be prepared with questions for the interviewer; it shows your interested and engaged and they truly do like answering them and giving advice. I thanked her by name at the very end, and then the waiting game began!

Thanks for following along so far, if you have any questions please feel free to comment. Until next time, have a magical day!

The Application Process


I wanted to take the time to talk a little bit about the application process, more specifically the general application and the web-based interview (WBI) since this is something I get questions about pretty frequently since I’m a returning alumni and as such have been through it more than once. I will post a separate entry on the phone interview since that is such a significant part of the process and should be talked about more in detail.

One of the questions I get the most is about the timeline: “when will I hear back?” Etc. Honestly, there is no set timeline. I know people who applied the same day I did that heard back in a week, and I waited over a month this time for acceptance. In my previous applications I always heard back with my acceptance in the designated 2-3 week period, but I had not applied the first day applications came out as I did this time, so I think that made a difference. Applying the first day applications come out can give you an advantage as far as being ahead of the game, but be aware that steps of the process may take longer because they have so many applications flooding in on one day. A couple days ago there was a large group of people who applied the first day, that never received an invitation to do the WBI or got a pending status, that were all just declared No Longer In Consideration (NLIC). They were never even given a chance to interview, and nobody really knows why, which is a shame because I know more than a few of them would make a great Cast Member (CM). This illustrates an important point: the college program is becoming a very competitive internship and not everyone that applied will move forward in the interview process. If that does unfortunately happen to you, don’t get too discouraged and definitely keep applying. Several people apply several times before they get in. My personal timeline this time around was: Application and WBI 9/5; Phone Interview 9/9; Pended 9/11; Accepted as Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique Hostess 10/15 (my first choice role.)

So you think that you want to apply, what now? One thing I recommend doing first is visiting the official college program website: Here you will find all your basic information such as program season dates, information about the two locations (either Disneyland in California or Disney World in Florida), and an overview of the roles you can have in each location. Once you review the information, find a time that works for you, and decide on which roles you would be interested in, there are several blogs and vlogs about the various roles that you should check out to get opinions, both good and bad, about the program. After doing your research and deciding you want to go forward, revisit the college program site and click the “apply now” link to get started.

There are three basic conditions you need to meet to be considered for the program:
1) Must be at least 18 years old
2) Must be a college student either full or part time (must be taking at least one class at an accredited college or university)
3) Must be able to provide proof of your legal right to work in the US
You will be asked to verify your eligibility for all these requirements at the beginning of your basic application.

Also in the basic application you will be asked general information such as name, birthday etc. There will also be a section for information about your school and another asking about your previous work AND volunteer experience. The volunteer experience is important to include, although sometimes it’s easy to forget about. Disney is a company that focuses on corporate philanthropy so they like to see that you give time to your community also. Some of my volunteer experience was also directly related to my first choice role (nursery daycare and hair/make-up tech for my high school drama department) so that was helpful to include.

Then you will be asked to indicate a first and second choice location and program season. You will indicate roles you will be interested in for each location. You can rank these roles as either: high interest, moderate interest, low interest, or no interest. If there is a role that you absolutely do not want mark it NO INTEREST. While having a variety of role interests can help your chances of being accepted, marking a role that you would be miserable in is just asking for trouble. You will be considered for all roles you mark any sort of interest in, even if they are not your top choices. I know several people that have been chosen for roles that they marked as low interest because the program needed to fill those roles. So think carefully when making your role selections.

After you complete the initial application, if you are chosen to move forward in the interview process you will be sent a e-mail with a link to take your WBI. It took me several hours to get this e-mail since I applied the first day applications were out and the system was flooded with so many responses. I recommend checking your dashboard (the candidate portal on the college program website) for your invitations because my interview invitations for WBI and phone interview were in my dashboard well before they made it to my e-mail inbox.

The WBI really is not anything to get too worked up over. It’s really a common sense personality type test in which they are looking for confidence and consistency. The whole thing will take you between 20-50 minutes to complete. Some questions are timed, and you have 50 seconds to answer each timed question, which is plenty of time to read the question carefully and choose a response. The first section of questions are multiple choice, situational type questions. One example that I recall is “If a boy was using a hammer and banged his thumb what would you do?” And the options were like: treat the injury, comfort him and take his mind off it, teach him to use the hammer, do nothing. So then you just pick the answer that sounds most like you. The second part is rating statements from strongly agree to strongly disagree. This is the “trickier” part of the WBI and where they judge consistency. They will have a question such as “I am never late” and then five questions later have a question that reads “I am always on time.” Essentially this is the same statement, just phrased differently. They want to make sure that you are paying attention and stay consistent with your answers. As long as you take your time and read each question carefully you should be fine. In this section try to have as many “strongly agree” and “strongly disagree” choices as possible, and few “neutral” selections. This will indicate that you are sure of yourself and have strong responses.

If you are identified as a “strong candidate” after the WBI you will be sent an invitation to schedule your phone interview, and I’ll be back to talk about that a little later. Until then, have a magical day!



Hi Everybody!

I decided to make this blog as a supplement to my Vlog channel on YouTube: marissadoingdisney. I figured I would just do a quick introduction post to get things rolling! 

My name is Marissa. I’m 24 years old from Chicago, IL. I’m going to be participating in the Walt Disney World College Program for Spring Advantage 2014 as a Bibbidi Bobiddi Boutique hostess! I absolutely cannot wait; it’s totally my dream role. This will be my second college program. I did the first in Fall 2010 in Merchandise (Magic Kingdom Stroller Fam <3) and had an amazing experience.

I’ve been pretty much obsessed with Disney since I can remember. My family are Disney Vacation Club members and vacation several times a year to the parks in Florida and California so they really do feel like home. I also worked at my local Disney Store for three years. 

I wanted to keep this post brief, but thank you for following along and until next time…Have a magical day!